Change of Address

Whenever you move, it is important that you notify your child(ren)’s school to update any  address, phone number or contact changes. In an emergency, we want to notify you as quickly as possible without any delays due to outdated or incorrect information.

To serve our student more effectively, we are requesting that at the time of your move, you complete a First Stop Change of Address form which is available in the office of all schools or can be downloaded and printed from the above link. You will also need to bring in one of the following:

     Current rental/lease agreement;
Current mortgage agreement;
Ellsworth AFB Housing Verification Letter; or
Notary Verification of Alternative Residence

If you have more than one child attending Douglas, you only need to do this at one of the schools. Your child’s records will be updated; and the other schools where your children attend will be notified of the changes.  You will be given five (5) days to complete this process before your child(ren) may be withdrawn from the district.

Your cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated as the district complies with State law and School Board policy.


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