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Welcome to the Douglas School District! There are two parts to the registration process. First, you will need to establish that you are a resident of the district and then, as custodial parent/legal guardian, you will register your child(ren) for school.

South Dakota Codified Law 13-28-9 states …”school residence for the purpose of claiming free school privileges means the legal residence of the student’s parents…” or where the parent/legal guardian actually lives.  The law is clear that the legal residence of the parent(s) determines where a child goes to school.  To determine if your address is in the school district, you may email or call Jackie at 605-923-0000 to check your address.

Step 1

You will need to bring proof of your residency in order to complete the First Stop Registration form.  See box below for the acceptable documents for proof of residency. Utility bills, paycheck stubs, tax assessment notices or other items received through the mail are not sufficient documentation for residency.

ONE of the following is required:                   
ONE of the following:
Current rental/lease agreement;Current homeownership/mortgage agreement;Ellsworth Air Force Base Housing letter;

Notary Verification of Alternative Residence
(which must be notarized and have the homeowner/leaseholder’s current mortgage agreement/lease attached)

Current Drivers LicenseOfficial Photo ID

Step 2

Once it is determined that you are living in the district and are the custodial parent/legal guardian, the next step in the registration process requires the following for each child:

1) Certified Birth Certificate
2) Immunization Record

You will complete a Student Registration form and Student Health History for each child.  It is also helpful to have the address and/or phone number of the previous school attended by your child(ren).

When you register, you only need to complete Step 1 at the first building; but Step 2 will be completed at each building where you will have a child attending.

Be aware that we do verify the information provided and if, it is determined that a parent or guardian has falsified information in order to enroll, the enrollment can be immediately cancelled; parent or guardian will be responsible for payment of tuition for any time period child(ren) were enrolled; and parent or guardian may be liable for criminal prosecution.

If you have any questions or extenuating circumstances, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 605-923-0000.



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