IMG_74621-300x200We are a team of dedicated moms, dads, grandmas/grandpas, and military retirees who have made it our responsibility to provide safe transportation for your students to and from school.  We are located across the street just northeast of Douglas Middle School.  You can’t miss us!

Through these links, we hope you will find the information you’re looking for.  From bus stop information to daily procedures, we’ll do our best to address everything.

We hope you like the look of our new website.  If you have questions that have not been addressed, please send an email to Pete Haugh, our coordinator,  We’ll get your answers posted under a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) tab, as the webmaster receives them.


From the drivers

Dear Parents,

We, the drivers for the Douglas School District, would like to say Welcome! to our new site.

We would like you to know how much we consider it our privilege to take your son or daughter safely to and from school.  We do what we can to make the trips uneventful.  Occasionally emergency situations arise that are beyond our control. It would be helpful to know if your child has allergies to common insects (bees/wasps), or if they have severe medical problems such as asthma.  Changes to your child’s medical status, or issues of a sensitive nature may be routed through Pete.  Please remember to keep any emergency information current so that we can get your student medical attention if necessary.  Rest assured all information is kept strictly confidential.


The Drivers of the Douglas School District

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