Paper Application

Dear Applicant,


Enclosed please find a classified personnel application for employment with the Douglas School District.


Upon receipt of the completed application, a file will be established for you and will remain active for 6 months. Since we receive a large number of applications for our vacancies, it is impossible to interview every person who applies. Therefore, you will only be contacted if you are selected for an interview. This contact is usually made after the hiring administrator has reviewed all applications.


Please complete the following items on the Release and Waiver form: name, signature, and date. When you are completing the reference portion of your application, please include business supervisor references, exclude friends or relatives.






Kurshawn Sorensen

Personnel Manager

(605) 923-0004


Brenda St. John

Personnel Secretary

(605) 923-0003




If you need any type of accommodation to complete our

application or interview process, please contact:


Douglas School District

Personnel Office