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Staff Resources » BYOD Device Registration

BYOD Device Registration


How to access the Douglas Student/Staff BYOD network

Bring your Own Device


  • Connect to the “onboard” wifi if on the Douglas Campus or your home wifi
  • Scan the QR code below or follow this link: DSD BYOD Registration Link
  • or type into your browser
  • Read and Agree to the terms… click “Start.”
  • Select “Students and Staff.”
  • Type in your SHORT form Douglas Identification number… example: KF131 (staff) or BF2354 (students)
  • Type in your Douglas email password.
  • Click Continue.
  • Depending on your device, follow the given instructions for installing the profile and joining the network.
  • Now there will be no need for a user name or password to connect to the DSD BYOD wifi.
  • Repeat these steps for up to four devices as needed. Remember, you are responsible for the use of these devices on the Douglas network.


You may complete this procedure from home if you choose.


This procedure needs only done once per device.  Following registration, your device should automatically connect to the BYOD network when your device detects it or when you select it in the device settings.  You may turn off other automatic wi-fi connections (eg. “DSD Guest” or “onboard”) in your device’s settings.  You may register and manage up to 4 personal devices.  The device remains registered throughout the school year or until you are not registered or employed at Douglas School District. Registration is a yearly process but can be required if you are notified by Douglas administration.