Frontline Time and Attendance

The Douglas School District has adopted a new Time and Attendance Solution this year!
Below is a quick over view of the user guide! 
Mobile Application 
  • To download the mobile application go to your App Store and select Frontline Education, select get and/or install. 
  • Once you open the mobile application it is going to ask to enter a unlock code for our District. Enter Unlock Code  7354. 
  • Then you will need to enter your Frontline Username and Password
  • To utilize the Mobile Time Clock you must register your mobile device (weekly) to utilize the approved IP address through the BYOD Network connection. To register your device select settings, select Wi-Fi, and the DSD BYOD - It will then ask you to sign in and agree to the District's acceptable use policies. You will sign in with your State Credentials (Email) Short Name and Password (Email) then selecting the box to agree with policies. 
If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us. 
Kurshawn Sorensen
Personnel Manager
(605) 923-0004

Brenda St. John
Personnel Secretary
(605) 923-0003