SECTION C: General School Administration

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
CA     Administration Goals 2/9/2015
CBA     Superintendent Job Description 2/9/2015
CBB     Recruitment & Appointment of Superintendent 2/9/2015
CBC     Superintendent Contract, Compensation and Benefits 2/9/2015
CBG CBG-R CBG-E Superintendent Evaluation (renamed from AFB) Rev 3/12/2018
CC   CC-E Administrative Organization Plan Rev 2/9/2015
CCB     Lines of Authority & Staff Relations 2/9/2015
CE     Administrative Councils, Cabinets & Committees 2/9/2015
CF     School Building Administration Rev 2/9/2015
CGA     Business Manager Job Description 2/9/2015
CGB   CGB-E Business Manager Evaluation 2/9/2015
CH     Policy Implementation 2/9/2015
CHA     Development of Regulations 2/9/2015
CHB (BFCA)     Board Review of Regulations 2/9/2015
CHC     Regulations Dissemination 2/9/2015
CHCA     Approval of Handbooks & Directives 2/9/2015
CHD (BFE)     Administration in Policy Absence 2/9/2015
CIA     Evaluation of Professional Staff 2/9/2015
CK CK-R CK-E Program Consultants and Evaluators Rev 2/9/2015
CM     School District Annual Report Rev 7/22/19