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Boards & Committees » Board of Education--DSD 51-1 » SECTION D: Fiscal Management

SECTION D: Fiscal Management

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
DA     Fiscal Management Goals 2/23/2015
DB     Annual Budget 2/23/2015
DBB     Fiscal Year 2/23/2015
DBC     Budget Deadline and Schedules Rev 8/28/17
DBD     Budget Planning 2/23/2015
DBDA     General Fund Balance Rev 8/29/17
DBH     Budget Adoption Procedures 2/23/2015
DBJ     Budget Implementation 2/23/2015
DBK     Budget Transfer Authority 2/23/2015
DC     Taxing and Borrowing Authority-Limitations 2/23/2015
DD     Funding Proposals and Applications 2/23/2015
DE     Revenues from Tax Sources 2/23/2015
DFA     Revenues from Investments Rev 02/23/2015
DFB     Revenues from School-Owned Real Estate 2/23/2015
DG     Depository of Funds Rev 02/23/2015
DGA     Authorized Signatures 2/23/2015
DGD     Credit Card Use and Electronic Transactions Rev 03/09/15
DI     Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 2/23/2015
DIAB     E-Rate Records Retention 2/27/2017
DIB     Types of Funds 2/23/2015
DIC     Financial Reports and Statements 2/23/2015
DID     Inventories 3/9/2015
DIE     Audits 2/23/1015
DJ     Purchasing Rev 07/14/16
DJB DJB-R   Petty Cash Accounts Rev 03/09/2015
DJBA     Incidental Accounts 3/9/2015
DJC     Bidding Requirements Rev 07/14/16
DJD     Local  Purchasing Rev 07/14/16
DJF     Purchasing Procedures Rev 07/14/16
DJG     Vendor Relations 3/9/2015
DK     Payment Procedures 3/9/2015
DLC     Expense Reimbursements 3/9/2015
DM     Cash in School Buildings 3/9/2015
DN     School Properties Disposal Procedure  3/9/2015