SECTION E: Support Services

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
EA     Support Services Goals 3/9/2015
EB     Safety Program 3/9/2015
EBA     Buildings and Grounds Inspections 3/9/2015
EBB     Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures 3/9/2015
EBBA     First Aid Rev 03/09/15
EBBB     Accident Reports 3/9/2015
EBC     Emergency Plans 3/9/2015
EBCA     Bomb Threats 3/9/2015
EBCB   EBCB-E Fire Drills (Exhibit 7/22/19) 3/9/2015
EBCD EBCD-R   Emergency Closings Rev 03/26/15
ECA ECA-R   Buildings and Grounds Security Rev 03/26/15
ECAA     Equal Access Rev 03/26/15
ECAB   ECAB-E Vandalism 3/26/2015
ECAC     Video Surveillance 10/15/19
ECB     Buildings and Grounds Maintenance 3/26/2015
ECF ECF-R   Energy Management / Conservation Rev 4/13/15
ECG ECG-R   Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 8/26/2013
EDBA     Maintenance & Control of Instructional Materials 4/13/2015
EEA EEA-R Bus Transportation Policy  4/13/2015
EEAB     School Bus Scheduling and Routing 7/22/19
EEAC     School Bus Safety Program 4/13/2015
EEACA EEACA-R   Bus Driver Examination & Training/Drug & Alcohol Testing Rev 4/13/15
EEAD     Special Use of School Buses 4/13/2015
EEADA     Use of Private Vehicles Rev 3/26/18
EF     Food Services Management 4/13/2015
EFB     Free and Reduced Price Food Services 4/13/2015
    Data Management - Records Retention
Rename - 8/26/19
EGAA     District Copyright Policy Rev 4/27/15
EH   EH-E Service Animals at School 7/22/19
EI     Insurance Management 4/13/2015
EIBA     Indemnification of Employees 4/13/2005