SECTION F: Facilities Development

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
FA     Facilities Development Goals 4/27/15
FB     Facilities Planning 4/27/15
FC     Facilities Capitalization Program 4/27/15
FD     Bond Campaigns 4/27/15
FEA     Educational Specifications 4/27/15
FEB     Selection of Architect 4/27/15
FEC     Facilities Development Plans and Specifications 4/27/15
FECA     Site Plans and Specifications 4/27/15
FED     Construction Cost Estimates and Determinations 4/27/15
FEE     Site Acquisitions 4/27/15
FEFA     Contractor's Fair Employment 4/27/15
FEFB     Contractor's Affidavits and Guarantees Rev 07/14/16
FEG     Supervision of Construction 4/27/15
FFB     Naming of School Facilities Rev 07/14/16
FFBB     Memorials Placed on School Property 10/13/09
FL     Retirement of Facilities 4/27/15