SECTION G: Personnel

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
GA     Personnel Goals 6/22/2015
GBA     Equal Opportunity Employment Rev 8/10/15
GBAA     Veteran's Preference Rev 7/14/16
GBC     Staff Ethics Rev 7/14/16
GBCA     Staff Conflicts of Interest Rev 8/24/15
GBCAA     Nepotism Rev 9/14/15
GBCB GBCB-R   Staff Conduct (added Regulation 10/11/16) 6/22/2015
GBCBA     Freedom of Expression 6/22/2015
GBCBAA     Search and Seizure 6/22/2015
GBCBB     Employee Use of Networking Sites 6/22/2015
GBCC   GBCC-E Non-Fraternization (Exhibit 10/1/15) Rev 9/14/15
GBE     Staff Health and Safety 8/10/2015
GBEA GBEA-R GBEA-E Student Transfer  8/10/2015
GBEB GBEB-R   Employee Communicable Conditions Rev 8/10/15
GBEC     Use of Alcohol & Other Drugs by Employees Rev 8/10/15
GBGA     District Involvement in Political Activity 6/22/2015
GBK     Smoking and Tobacco Use by Staff Members Rev 9/12/11
GBL     Personnel Records Rev 7/22/19
GBM GBM-R GBM-E Staff Complaints and Grievances (rev Reg) Rev 3/26/18
GBN     Staff Flex Time 4/11/2016
GCA     Professional Staff Positions Rev 8/27/18
GCB     Qualifications of Teachers Rev 07/14/16
GCBA     Professional Staff Salary Schedules 6/22/2015
GCBB      Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans 8/10/2015
GCBCC     Tax Sheltered Annuity Program 6/22/2015
GCBD GCBD-R   Extended Leaves of Absence 10/9/1986
GCBDC     Jury Duty Leave 8/11/2014
GCBDD     Military Leave of Absence Rev 8/28/17
GCBDE GCBDE-R   Family and Medical Leave 8/10/2015
GCBDF     Nursing Mothers 7/22/19
GCC GCCR   Professional Staff Recruiting 8/10/2015
GCD     Professional Staff Hiring Rev 8/10/2015
GCDB     Employee Background Check Rev 7/22/19
GCF     Hiring Retired Employees 6/22/2015
GCI     Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers 6/22/2015
GCK     Professional Staff Work Load 6/22/2015
GCL-GDL     Professional Staff Development Opportunities Rev 8/10/15
GCLA GCLA-R   Attendance at Professional Meetings & Conferences Rev 8/26/19
GCN     Professional Teaching Staff Evaluations Rev 8/10/15
GCPB     Resignation of Professional Staff Members 8/10/15
GCPBA     Resignation of Administrators / Directors 2/27/2017
GCPC     Retirement of Professional Staff Members 6/22/2015
GCPCA GCPCA-R   Voluntary Separation Plan (Regulation revised 7/22/19) Rev 03/16/17
GCPD     Suspension without Pay & Dismissal of Professional Staff Members Rev 07/14/16
GCPDA     Professional Staff Member Administrative Leave with Pay 7/14/2016
GCQAB     Tutoring for Pay 6/22/2015
GCQB     Professional Research and Publishing 6/22/2015
GDA     Support Staff Positions 6/22/2015
GDB   GDB-E Non-Certified Staff Contracts & Compensation Rev 07/22/19
GDBB     Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans 6/22/2015
GDBC     Support Staff Fringe Benefits 6/22/2015
GDBD     Support Staff Leaves and Absences 6/22/2015
GDC     Support Staff Recruiting, Posting of Vacancies, and Hiring 6/22/15
GDI     Support Staff Assignments and Transfers 6/22/2015
GDJ     Support Staff Time Schedules 6/22/2015
GDN GDN-R   Evaluation of Support Staff Rev 5/9/16
GDO     Support Staff Promotions 8/10/2015
GDPA     Reduction in Support Staff Work Force 6/22/2015
GDPB     Resignation of Support Staff Members 6/22/2015
GDPC     Retirement of Support Staff Members 6/22/2015
GDPD     Suspension & Dismissal of Support Staff Members 7/22/19