SECTION J: Students

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
JA     Student Policies Goals 11/23/2015
JB     Equal Educational Opportunities 11/23/2015
JEA     Compulsory Attendance Ages Rev 11/23/15
JEAA   JEAA-E Students Alternative Instruction Rev 7/22/19
JEB     Entrance Age 11/23/2015
JEC   JEC-E School Admissions Rev 08/29/16
JECA     Admission of Resident Students 11/23/2015
JECAA     Grade Placement and Credits of Student Enrolling from Unaccredited Schools and Alternative Instruction Rev 8/29/16
JECAC     Transfer from an Accredited School 8/29/2016
JECB     Admission of Non-Resident Students (Open Enrollment) Rev 11/13/07
JECBA JECBA-R   Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students Rev 11/23/2015
JECE     Student Withdrawal from School 12/14/2015
JED     Student Absences and Excuses Rev 2/26/2001
JEDA JEDA-R Truancy (Regulation Revised 3/16/17) Rev 7/22/19
JEDB     Student Dismissal Precautions 12/14/2015
JEE JEE-R   Student Attendance Accounting 2/26/2001
JEF     Release Time for Religious Practice 12/14/2015
JEFA     Senior Privileges 1/11/2016
JEG     Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance 12/14/2015
JF     Student Rights and Responsibilities 12/14/2015
JFA JFA-R   Student Due Process Rights Rev 12/14/2015
JFAA     Search and Seizure - Student 12/14/2015
JFB     Education of Homeless Children (Replaces JECBB) Rev 12/14/15
JFC     Student Conduct Rev 7/22/19
JFCA     Student Dress Code 12/14/2015
JFCB     Gangs 12/14/2015
JFCC JFCC-R   Student Conduct on Buses 2/8/2016
JFCD JFCD-R Student Bullying (Replaces JFCE) Rev 3/17/16
JFCE     Terroristic Threats 7/22/19
JFCG JFCG-R   Smoking and Tobacco Use by Students Rev 3/17/16
JFCH JFCH-R   Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students (Replaces JFCI) Rev 2/8/16
JFCJ     Dangerous Weapons in the Schools Rev 1/25/16
JFCK     Cell Phones and Portable Digital Media Devices 1/25/2016
JFCL     Student Registered Sex Offenders (Replaces JECBC) Renamed 1/25/16
JFEE JFEE-R   Participation in Work Study Programs 1/11/2016
JFG     Interrogations and Searches 1/11/2016
JFH     Student Complaints and Grievances 1/25/2016
JFHA   JFHA-E Student Nondiscrimination Grievance Procedure Rev 03/29/01
JG     Student Discipline Rev 1/15/16
JGA     Prohibition of Corporal Punishment 1/11/2016
JGB   Restraint and Seclusion 8/27/2018
JGD JGD-R Student Suspension and Expulsion Rev 2/27/17
JH     Wellness Policy (Rename to JH) Rev 6/29/17
JHC     Student Health 4/25/2016
JHCA JHCA-R   School Immunization Program (Rename to JHCA) Rev 8/29/16
JHCC JHCC-R   Student Communicable Conditions Rev 4/25/16
JHCD   JHCD-E Administering Medicines to Students Rev 4/25/16
JHCDA   JHCDA-E Self-Administration of Prescription Asthma & Anaphylaxis Medication by Students Rev 02/27/17
JHCDB     Epinephrine Auto-Injectors 4/25/2016
JHCDC   JHCDC-E Diabetes Health Care and Insulin Administration - Exhibit new 2/27/17 4/25/2016
JHCDD JHCDD-R JHCDD-E Administration of Opioid Antagonists 8/26/19
JHD     Student Psychological Services 4/25/2016
JHDA     Student Welfare Crisis Intervention 4/25/2016
JHFA     Supervision of Students Rev 1/25/16
JHFAA   JHFAA-E Field Trips (Exhibit Only 3/25/13) 9/8/2008
JHG JHG-R   Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect Rev 2/8/16
JL     Student Gifts and Solicitations 1/25/2016
JN     Student Fees, Fines, and Charges 1/25/2016
JNA     Loaning of Textbooks 1/25/2016
JNB JNB-R   Delinquent Student Fees, Fines & Charges 8/26/19
JO JO-R JO-E Student Records Rev 3/17/16
JOA   JOA-E Student Directory Information  Rev 7/22/19
JOB   JOB-E Student Surveys 3/29/2016