SECTION K: School-Community Relations

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Policy Regulation Exhibit Description Adopted / Revised
KA     School & Community Relations Goals 3/29/2016
KB     School and Community Relations 3/29/2016
KBA     Public's Right to Know Rev 3/29/2016
KBAA KBAA-R KBAA-E Public Records 3/29/2016
KBC     News Media Relations 3/29/2016
KBCA     News Releases 3/29/2016
KC     Parental / Community Involvement in Decision Making Rev 11/27/06
KG KG-R KG-E Community Use of School Facilities Rev 3/29/2016
KGB     Public Conduct on School Property 3/29/2016
KGC     Smoking and Tobacco Use on School Grounds / in School Facilities Rev 4/11/16
KH     Public Gifts and Memorials to Schools Rev 7/22/19
KI     Public Solicitations and Advertising in the Schools Rev 7/22/19
KIA     Distribution and Posting of Promotional Materials 3/29/2016
KJ     Posting of National Motto 8/26/19
KK     Visitors to the Schools 3/29/2016
KL KL-R Complaint Against School Employee 4/11/2016
KLA     Public Complaints - renamed 4/11/2016
KLB   KLB-E Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials Rev 02/11/08
KLC     Public Complaints about Library Materials 2/25/2008
KLD     Public Complaints for Federal Programs 10/14/2008
KMA     Relations with Parent Organizations 3/29/2016
KMB     Title I Parent Involvement 3/29/2016
KMC     Annual Notification to Parents Rev 1/28/19
KMI     Relations with Political Organizations Rev 3/29/16
KN     Relations with Governmental Authorities 3/29/2016
KNAJ     Relationships Between School Administrators & Law Enforcement Officials Rev 02/14/00
KO   Non-Student Registered Sex Offenders Rev 05/11/09