In this section, we’ll provide some information that may help you with some questions or concerns you may have.

Our telephone number? 605-923-0022, fax 605-923-0023.

Where are we located? We are across the corner from the Middle School off 225th Street.

What are the guidelines or rules the drivers use to enforce student behavior?

We have district policies, and use basic common sense safety.

- Badger Clark, Francis Case and Vandenberg students are given approximately one half hour of “bus safety” training at the beginning of the school year. This is done by having them watch a video, and applying what they learned by going out to the bus.

- The little students are taught a simple sing-song: “Back to back, bottom to bottom”. This means they have their back to the back of the seat and their bottom on the seat.

- All students are told that backpacks, SMALL projects, jackets, etc go on their laps, not on the floor. Any large projects or oversize band instruments will not be allowed on the bus. These students are asked to make arrangements to have the instrument/project brought to school/home. This is due to liability issues regarding damages or injury.

My student wants to sit near his/her friends, but the driver is giving them a hard time. What’s going on?

The driver is not giving your student a hard time. The driver is enforcing rules and policies necessary to allow him/her to safely transport the students. Those students who have not learned to control their behavior on the bus will be treated like the younger students. This is because noise and/or behaviors become an issue. Busses are contained areas with bad acoustics. Loud talking and sharp noises become a distraction to the driver. On the behavior side, horseplay, slapping, hitting, inciting other students to become involved in play or fighting are not allowed — another distraction.

My student received a “write-up”. What happened? What does it mean?

Your student didn’t comply with the safety rules on the bus, or driver’s instructions. The following steps are usually taken before an Incident Report is completed.

1. Students can be given up to three (3) chances to follow the rules.

2. After failing to comply, the student may be moved near the front. The driver is then able to monitor the student in the student mirror, and any further problem is clearly recorded by the camera mounted in the front.

3. The tape or hard-drive is reviewed by the driver for the time-frame during which the infraction occurred. This verifies what they saw, or what they were told by another student concerning the offending student’s behavior.

The write-up or Incident Report means that your student’s misconduct is being documented. For every failure to follow the rules, the student will receive an Incident Report. For more complete information, please refer to Handling Misconduct.