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Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency

Fluency is more than reading quickly. Fluency is the ability of readers to recognize and decode words with accuracy and automaticity. The three components of reading fluency are accuracy, automaticity (rate), and prosody (expression) and each component has a clear connection to comprehension (Teaching Reading Sourcebook, 2008).

LaBerge and Samuels (1974) noted, “A fluent reader decodes text automatically, and therefore can devote his/her attention to comprehending what is read” (Teaching Reading Sourcebook, 2008).


What is Fluency?

“Reading fluency is the ability to read with comprehension, accuracy, speed, and expression. According to the National Reading Panel (2000), fluency is an essential element of reading instruction. Over the last two decades, the concept of fluency has been extended to include the comprehension process (Samuels, 2001). ‘After it is fully developed, reading fluency refers to a level of reading accuracy and rate where decoding is relatively effortless; where oral reading is smooth and accurate with correct prosody [expression]; and where attention can be allocated to comprehension’” (Wolf & Katzir-Cohen, 2001; Johns & Berglund, 2010).