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Awhile back, I was reading and came across the idea of an elevator pitch. The basic premise is that an elevator pitch is the sharing of an idea or information that could be completed in the length of an elevator ride.

Intrigued with the idea, I began to consider the question that I am often asked. I’ll speak quickly since where we live; most elevator rides are short. What does a speech/language pathologist (SLP) do? Speech/Language Pathologists work with people across the span of life; I am lucky to work with second- and third-graders. We screen hearing, speech and language skills and do full evaluations with students to determine speech and/or language needs. Most people recognize that we are the people in the school that help children say their sounds correctly. We also help children with vocabulary development, asking and answering questions, grammar skills, problem solving, social skills, and overall getting and giving information to others.