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3rd Grade Curriculum



Units of Study for Teaching Reading – Lucy Calkins 

            The first unit, Building a Reading Life, ramps up the students’ reading skills by immersing them into fiction books while working on envisionment and prediction. The second unit, Reading to Learn: Grasping Main Ideas and Text Structures, addresses essential skills for reading nonfiction and biographies, such as determining main idea and comparing texts.  The third unit, Character Studies, teaches students to closely observe characters, make predictions, and work on interpretation. The final unit, Research Clubs: Elephants, Penguins, and Frogs, Oh My!, shows children how to work in clubs to gather and organize information about animals, and then use this information to seek solutions to real-world problems.



Units of Study for Opinion, Informational, & Narrative Writing –

Lucy Calkins 

The opening unit, Crafting True Stories, focuses on personal narrative writing and emphasizes drafting and revising their work.  In the second unit, The Art of Information Writing, the students write chapter books about a wide variety of information and learn to section their topics into subtopics. The third unit, Changing the World: Persuasive Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials, has students gather and organize information to persuade people about causes the children believe matter. The final unit, Once Upon a Time: Adapting and Writing Fairy Tales, uses familiar fairy tales to explore techniques of fiction writing such as writing in scenes and using story structure.




The investigations curriculum focuses on number sense, the number system, and computation is embedded throughout the Investigations curriculum.  Some of the other units of study are geometry, measurement, and data. Students have many opportunities to develop, compare, use, and practice strategies for solving problems. They continually engage in activities that ask them to recall and use important number combinations and relationships in meaningful ways.  Particular activities are built into the curriculum to help students learn and practice their facts. Also, there are activities which focus on thinking about which facts are hard for the student to remember, and creating ways to help them remember more easily.

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Pearson Interactive Science


With interactive Science, students can write in their books giving them a true sense of ownership.  Students get all of the content, interactively, and practice they need. Interactive Science features multiple levels of inquiry scaffolded to provide access for all learners.  Interactive Science's digital path is a complete online course featuring exciting Untamed Science Videos, Interactive Art Simulations, and innovative personalized learning solutions like My Reading Web.