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Playinu2019 Around at Vandenberg

Vandenbergu2019s 475 fourth and fifth graders are bouncing even more these days. There are seven Four-Square grids on the newly poured concrete area on the south part of the playground. The playground will soon include a new Fly Wheel Spinner, purchased by the Student Council. Children can also enjoy a fun, full-body workout on the monkey bars, Ring-a-Bell, the bungee tower, the 4 climbing walls, 6 swings, 5 slides, the climbing tubes, the teeter-totter, and our bouncy balance structures. There are 3 basketball hoops as well as plenty of space for tossing a football. The playground equipment is surrounded by a paved walkway for those who love to walk in the fresh air and sunshine.
Over the summer, entry sidewalks were widened. Students now have four new racks for hanging their backpacks off the ground while they play. There is fresh paint on the red, white, and blue bench, and there are picnic tables for visiting with friends. Itu2019s no wonder that everyone looks forward to building fitness as we u201Cplay aroundu201D at Vandenberg.