Superintendent's Message

Message from Superintendent Kevin Case:

As I “officially” begin my duties as Interim Superintendent of Douglas Schools please know  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve in this role and am appreciative of the board of education for entrusting me with this leadership role. 


As we begin a new school year, I am keenly aware of the unique opportunities we have faced as a school, community, and country during the past 18 months. The transition back to our new normal that lies ahead will be filled with many opportunities for our district to continue to grow, develop, and reach our full potential each and every day.  The changes we have experienced during the past 18 months combined with the resourcefulness exhibited by our school community sets the stage for the many exciting opportunities that lie ahead.


My initial perceptions of the district have been extremely positive.  During my transition phase, my interactions and observations have given me the following insight into the district.

  • As I have engaged in conversations with a number of district staff members, the focus of the conversations have been both  professional and solution-focused;
  • A  sense of collaboration is a common theme that exists throughout the district;
  • I have met so many people who are caring, friendly, and willing to help me in transition however they can.  Thank you for making me feel welcome; 
  • Many of my conversations with different stakeholders highlight the appreciation they have for the dedicated, professional staff that are a part of the #DouglasFamily; 
  • There is a sense of pride that is evident in our conversations involving our students, families, and community;
  • A great deal of conversation is centered around our desire to meet both the academic and social-emotional needs of ALL of our students.


My philosophies are relatively simple as it relates to being a leader:

  • Creating and developing strong professional relationships within the district lays the foundation for a healthy and productive organization;
  • Effective communication helps to establish  trust;
  • District leadership should be visible and known throughout the district and community;
  • We should be passionate about what we believe in and that passion should be evident in all that we do;
  • Building and developing leadership capacity throughout the organization helps to ensure the success of the organization;
  • The impact that skilled, caring, dedicated, staff have on an organization creates powerful energy for the organization; and finally
  • High-functioning organizations support collaboration throughout the district when identifying solutions,  solving problems, and implementing initiatives.


I look forward to meeting you, becoming involved in the community, and providing leadership for the district. If the opportunity arises, please feel free to stop by the office located at 400 Patriot Drive and introduce yourself and say hi!  I’m looking forward to all that the 2021-22 school year has to offer.  


Kevin Case, Superintendent

Douglas School District


I invite you to join our journey toward excellence. If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please feel free to call us at 605-923-0000.