Philosophy & Mission Statement

Philosophy & Mission Statement

Prepare all students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.
Douglas School District Belief Statements

About students and learning, we believe:
  • All students can learn, and have the right to learn.
  • Students are empowered through a strong knowledge base, and creative problem solving skills.
  • Students need opportunities to develop a positive self-image.
  • Each of our graduates will become responsible self-learners, and productive citizens.

About teachers and teaching, we believe:
  • Teachers are empowered to teach.
  • Teachers appreciate and nurture the uniqueness of each student.
  • Teachers are communicators to staff, students, and the community.
  • Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.
  • Teachers believe students are the most important product.
  • The staff are knowledgeable of methods and practices.
  • Teachers facilitate learning through meaningful activities.

About schools and school districts, we believe:
  • Schools are safe, caring places.
  • Schools provide tools necessary for learning.
  • Involved and informed parents and community members are an integral part of a successful educational process.
  • As a district we support and enthusiastic, positive, flexible learning climate, which nurtures academic, social, and emotional growth for all.
  • Vision and communication will ensure success.
  • Schools establish an enjoyable and challenging climate which is supportive and collaborative.

Douglas School District Student Exit Outcomes

A life long learner who:
  • Analyzes, monitors, and evaluates personal learning progress.
  • Expresses ideas effectively through various mediums.
  • Utilizes available resources and technologies to make sound decisions.
  • Uses various strategies and processes to accommodate a variety of learning needs and circumstances.

A well-adjusted, self-fulfilled individual who:
  • Relates to and functions in an ever-changing world.
  • Expresses ideas effectively through various mediums.
  • Maintains physical and emotional wellness.
  • Demonstrates a sensitivity and appreciation for self and others.

An involved citizen who:
  • Exercises established constitutional rights and civic duties of a U.S. and global citizen.
  • Displays respect for laws, rules, and regulations of the community.
  • Acts on issues that improve the community.
  • Contributes to the individual and group needs of the community.

An energized, quality producer who:
  • Uses various computation strategies and scientific principals to analyze and solve complex problems within different systems and situations.
  • Displays respect, trust, loyalty, honesty and dependability in relationships with others.
  • Supports and cooperates with partners or team members within the work place.

A culturally enlightened contributor who:
  • Values the traditions and heritages of a society.
  • Appreciates and respects the contributions, throughout history, of cultural and artistic diversity in our society.
  • Develops workable solutions to environmental and social problems.
  • Seeks out and participates in multi-cultural activities.

A globally enlightened individual who:
  • Participates in organizational activities which enhance global relationships.
  • Analyzes the effect of global events.
  • Maintains a lifestyle that protects individuals and their environment.
  • Utilizes available technology to impact political, social, and economic issues.

Douglas School District Philosophy
The Douglas School District will promote an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

The district, working as partners with the educational community, will develop individuals who realize self-worth and have an opportunity to create a productive role, as responsible citizens, in an ever changing world.
Douglas School District Vision 2020

The Vision of the Douglas School District is to prepare all students as lifelong learners.

Students are engaged in learning experiences which are outcome driven, collaborative, life relevant, challenging, and developed to promote successful citizens.

Parents and legal guardians participate as involved partners in determining the educational experiences necessary for their children’s educational needs.

Staff development opportunities are designed to promote growth and leadership, which will provide positive learning experiences for students.

The administrative team makes informed decisions that promote a quality education.

The district provides instructional materials and technology necessary for a challenging curriculum designed for all students.

The district maintains safe facilities conducive to positive learning experiences.