Clearing Up Some Confusion

Douglas Families,
To clear up a bit of confusion about instructional expectations, below are a couple of notes.
Note 1: Understand we know that this is no fault of parents, students, teachers, schools or districts. We are all in this situation together and need to proceed with support, kindness, and offerings of help when needed.
Note 2: Please don’t panic over academic expectations. We have more important things to panic about, like the TP shortage :-)(joke!)
Note 3: When you begin panicking about academics, read Note 2 five times through.
Note 4: DSD is a wonderful school district, filled with wonderful families from the Box Elder and EAFB communities. It includes amazing teachers and staff members that have been working diligently to find ways to continue instruction in the most manageable way possible, given the circumstances.
Note 5: DSD does NOT expect families to purchase any online resources or spend hundreds of dollars in printing costs.

**If you are a family that is unable to access the online materials, teachers will work with you when school resumes.
**If you are unable to complete any of the assigned work for any reason--illness, disability, lack of technology, etc., teacher will work with you when school resumes.
**Given that DSD has approx. 200 certified teachers, please contact individually with any questions. All emails can be found at
Note 6: We want to recognize those families where caretakers don’t have the ability to stay home even though schools are closed--medical staff, military members, LE, anyone working long hours in the grocery stores,etc. (not an exhaustive list, just examples). We know school closures have added additional stress to already stressful conditions. We do not want to make our academic expectations even more stressful. Teachers are used to being flexible creatures and will continue to be flexible during these closures.
Note 7: If these closures extend past a one-week timeline, DSD will have a procedure in place to:
**Assist with access to technology
**Assist with paper copies when necessary
**Assist with access to food assistance
Again, we love our community, families and Douglas Staff members. We know everyone is working together in the best interest of the students. This is a time to stay home (if possible), stop the spread, and enjoy your family. Schooling will work itself out.