Sydney Franck Receives Early Career School Psychologist Award

Sydney Franck receives this year's Early Career School Psychologist Award from the South Dakota Association of School Psychologists. She has shown a strong commitment to professional growth and has made a significant impact as a school psychologist. Sydney consistently goes above and beyond to support students, teachers, and parents, leading to measurable improvements in student outcomes and overall school climate. She actively addresses challenges within the school system through innovative approaches and has implemented effective interventions to support students' academic, social, and emotional needs.

Her ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, including teachers, parents, administrators, and professionals, is notable. Her effective and timely communication style fosters positive relationships, contributing to a supportive learning environment. She demonstrates strong leadership qualities beyond her years of experience. Not only is she a resourceful practitioner, but she also advocates for students' well-being and access to quality education. She takes the initiative in advocating for necessary resources, policies, and practices that promote positive change within the school community.

Overall, her exceptional qualities, dedication to growth, impact, innovation, collaboration, advocacy, adaptability, ethics, and research contributions make her an outstanding choice for the award.

Congratulations Sydney!