Delta Dental Truck Provided $47,759 in Care

The Douglas School District was fortunate enough to host the Delta Dental truck during the week of October 23-27. The truck provides quality dental care to children who cannot afford or access a dentist due to the high cost, lack of insurance, transportation, or other reasons. These services are provided to students on an application basis, and priority is given based on the severity of care required.

The response to this program has been amazing, and last year, two dentists visited 55 students. This year, there were over 100 registration forms for the program, but only one dentist was available, who served 28 students with an overall value of $47, 759 in dental Care. Due to the overwhelming response, DSD 51-1 intends to schedule an additional Delta Dental visit to accommodate the need for dental care.  Once scheduling is confirmed, more details and additional information will be made available.


Thank you for your support as we strive to provide the best services for the district.

Douglas School District 51-1