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EAFB to sponsor Black History Month Essay Contest

Essay duration: 1-15 Feb

Essay length: 750+ words

Essay question options:


1.       Why did more than six-million African-Americans migrate from the Southern United States to the urban Northern cities, Midwest, and West, and how has that impacted the social, political, or economics during that period in American history?

2.       During which World War formed the largest movement of African-Americans to the northern states, and what was the economic motivation for the migration?


Prizes:  1st place – simulator ride and essay presentation at our BHM event and 2nd and 3rd – simulator rides


Point of Contact:

Jacob Garrett

School Liaison Officer (SLO)


Child and Youth Services


1000 Ellsworth Street, Suite 2008

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota 57706

Comm: (605) 385-5385 DSN 675-5385