Douglas School District #51-1 Business Office

Welcome to the Douglas School District Business Office Web page. The role of the Business Office includes many areas of District responsibilities that support both instructional and non-instructional services provided at Douglas. One of the main aspects undertaken each year includes coordinating and assisting in the development of the District’s budget, which then translates the District’s instructional goals and services into the means of funding outlined goals.


In support of this effort, the Business Office handles the purchasing of instructional and non-instructional materials, equipment and services. We utilize funding from several different sources, including - but not limited to - state aid, local taxes, and federal funding and grants – including Impact Aid. Our main objective is to purchase materials and services that meet the needs of the students and teachers in our District, and to do so in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Also provided in the Business Office are the payroll services for all District staff, as well as accounting services used for managing the District’s budget and its purchasing and payment activities. We also oversee the self-funded health insurance program, as well as the dental insurance, vision insurance and life insurance programs.


Internal checks and balances, as well as external independent auditing services are utilized to ensure that all required rules, regulations, laws and Board Policies are being followed and oversee all activities in the Business Office.


If you have any questions regarding any finances of the Douglas School District, please feel free to contact myself or any of my colleagues with questions.



Trista Olney

Business Manager