Help Desk

Submit IT Help Ticket by E-mail:

Complete Steps 1-3 & 5 as required fields/steps; Step 4 is optional. 

1.  To Line.  Send your request for help E-mail to

2.  Subject Line.  This must be filled out.  Use the Subject line to highlight your tech problem;

3.  Body.  Use the body of the E-mail to summarize your problem.  The body should include the last four numbers of the Douglas property bar-code number found on the white label affixed to the device. 

4.  Attachments. Attachments such as a screen shot of a problem report can be included in your E-mail body and will be incorporated into the ticket generation.

5.  Send. Send the E-mail.

This method is ON CAMPUS ONLY.
Enter the last four digits of your Douglas computer number (ie. 220001234 or D511220001234, enter 1234) with all tickets regardless if the issue is directly related to your computer. Give a complete description of your tech issue.
Note:  Tickets can only be entered on the campus network.
Douglas Number