Rules Of Conduct

Rules Of Conduct

 For the safety of everyone, students are required to adhere to a few simple rules of conduct. Bus drivers will complete an Incident Report (“write-up”) on students choosing not to follow the rules. It is not the driver’s responsibility to investigate each situation-their job is to report violations. Parents are encouraged to call 923-0022 regarding any concerns, should their student receive an Incident Report. The following are the basic rules for riding a Douglas School District bus:

- Sit properly in the seat. (Back to back, bottom to bottom; backpacks on student’s lap; student keeps body within the confines of the seat, not in the aisle or hands put out the window.

- No eating or drinking allowed.

- No horseplay is allowed. (Distraction for driver, potential for injury/accident).

- No throwing items in the bus.

- No cell phones. (It’s understood some students may have to ”check-in” with their parents, however, use beyond this cannot be tolerated.)

*** These are standard rules throughout the District. Please bear in mind that each driver may adapt specific rules/guidelines to his/her bus based on the grade make-up of their bus.

***Verbal warnings are given; however, any infraction deemed a Safety Violation will result in an Incident Report being completed at the end of the route. ***

Incident Reports are generally processed within a day or two of being completed. A copy is sent home with the student. A parent or guardian is required to sign and return the pink copy of the form within three days of the date it was sent home. If pink slips are not returned within the allotted time, bus privileges are temporarily suspended.

The page on Handling Misconduct will explain the District guidelines concerning how disciplinary action is conducted.