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Pick-up & Drop-off Policies

Pick-up & Drop-off Policies

We strive to provide the safest transportation environment for your student(s). With this in mind, here are some guidelines paraphrased from our District Policy.
Bus Eligibility:  Students are eligible for bus transportation to/from school based on their physical address, meaning where they actually reside.  To be eligible, they must live at least 2.5 miles from the transportation department building located at 504 225th St.  They also must live within the district boundaries.  If you are unsure of what your status is, please call 923-0022 to find out.

Pick-ups: Students need to be at their assigned bus stop 3-5 minutes before the bus arrives (weather permitting). The driver cannot wait more than (1) one minute past the pick-up time, before continuing on the route. If your child will be late, be sure to give our Coordinator a call at 923-0022, so a meeting point can be arranged. If your student needs to be picked up at a location other than their normal stop, please be sure to call the bus barn, or send a note with your student indicating the date(s) and location/bus stop where they will be.

Drop-offs: Students should not attempt to get off at other than their assigned stop. If your student needs to be dropped off at another location, please be sure to call Pete, or send a note with your student indicating the date(s) and location/bus stop where they need to be dropped off. A note is required from the bus student’s parents in order for a guest/friend to ride the bus. ALL bus riders MUST be from within the Douglas School District. Parents are encouraged to write a one-time note indicating those guests allowed to visit their son/daughter during the course of the school year. This will be kept on file with the driver. Notes need to be dated and have a contact phone number for our coordinator to verify permission.  
Daycare Policy:  If you plan on utilizing a daycare for your child, there are a few guidelines to remember when choosing the appropriate daycare regarding transportation.
1.  Your child must meet the bus eligibility requirements.
2.  There must be room on the bus that services the route the daycare is  located at.
3.  The daycare must be located within the Douglas district boundaries.
4.   If the bus reaches capacity, only those kids who live on that route will be allowed to ride that bus.

Should you have any questions concerning the pick-up or drop-off of your student, or if your child is running late and you need to try and catch the bus, call 923-0022.