Welcome to the Douglas School District Subline instructions. When experiencing an unexpected absence all employees are expected to call into the Personnel Office to report your absence with the following information at Kurshawn's direct extension 605-923-0004 or the Subline 605-923-0000 Option 7:
Date of absence
Time of absence 
Type of Leave or reason
If a substitute is needed or not
We understand unexpected absences are inevitable but when possible please call in as soon as you are aware you are unable to come in to give the Personnel Office time to fulfill your requirements. Although we have an electronic leave form process if your absence is within 24 hours please do not rely on that method to inform the Personnel Office of your absence/requirements and in addition call into the Subline or Personnel Office.
Thank you!
Kurshawn Sorensen
Personnel Manager
(605) 923-0004

Brenda St. John
Personnel Secretary
(605) 923-0003