Electronic Leave Information

We have just integrated a new Electronic Leave Form accessable through our current payroll system Weblink.
We have multiple references accessible here to assist you with the transition and when all else fails please contact us.
  • To the right you will find a quick link to the Weblink Payroll site to log in and begin your leave request entry.  
  • Attached at the bottom is also a pdf document for easy directions/reference on leave entry, submission, adjustment, and recalling. 
  • There is also an online step by step training tutorial through the Weblink Payroll system - Help menu at the top of your screen 
We will have a computer set up in the Personnel Office for individualized access and training. We enjoy visitors so please do not hesitate to contact us or come by if you need any assistance!

Kurshawn Sorensen
Personnel Manager
(605) 923-0004

Brenda St. John
Personnel Secretary
(605) 923-0003